'Gianni Versace' dress

'Gianni Versace' dress

Dark blue polka dot with frill

Dark blue polka dot with frill

Etno 70s maxi dress

70s dress in size XS.

Measures are in the description down below.

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80,00 €
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Introducing a captivating maxi dress from the 1970s in white, adorned with exquisite embroidered details on the upper part.

The dress features a zipper closure at the back for added convenience.

Approximately sized XS, crafted from 100% cotton for comfort and breathability.

Measurements: Shoulder width 33cm, Bust up to 74cm, Waist 64cm, Dress length 127cm.

This dress will enchant you with its vintage charm and simplicity. It's a perfect choice for summer days or special occasions. Don't miss the opportunity to add this beautiful piece to your collection!